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From traction motors to air brakes, we offer a wide variety of parts and components to meet your needs.

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TLC has many diesel and electric locomotives for sale and offer specific advice on which to choose.

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Setting the Highest Standard in the Locomotive Industry Since 1994

We are your one stop shop for anything and everything locomotive related.

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Locomotive Sales

Turner Locomotive & Components, LLC

If you are in the locomotive business or wish to purchase a locomotive, we at Turner Locomotive & Components, LLC, can be of assistance! Since our establishment in 1994, we have helped sell and repair locomotives throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico. No matter what type or year locomotive you have, our team can provide exceptional service! Please contact our office at (515) 285-1091 for more information!

We differ from other locomotive companies in the United States because:

  • We have a reputable staff
  • We provide quality service
  • We provide outstanding results
  • We have been in business for more than two decades

If you are interested in purchasing a locomotive, we sell new, rebuilt, reconditioned, RTO’s, and core locomotives. For those who wish to purchase a used locomotive, please note we only sell locomotives that we know are in the best condition so they last for many years.

Setting the Highest Standard in the Locomotive Industry Since 1994

Turner Locomotive & Components, LLC also carries locomotive components for various styles of locomotive. No matter what type of part or parts you need, we can help you! Our founder, Martin Turner, has been a machinist since 1975 and joined the rail industry in 1979. He has personally serviced and rebuilt a plethora of locomotives and started our company to help locomotive owners and those interested in purchasing locomotives worldwide. Martin’s knowledge of locomotives is unparalleled, and it is his goal, along with the rest of our team’s, to help you service, rebuilt, or purchase a locomotive.

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Let our team at Turner Locomotive & Components, LLC help you purchase a new locomotive or rebuild / service an existing locomotive. We provide some of the best locomotive services and parts in the country, so you can rest assured when you hire us, you are obtaining exceptional products and services. Contact our office today at (515) 285-1091 to learn how we can help you!


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Quality Service
  • Reputable Staff
  • Outstanding Results
  • In Business since 1994